CROPS4HD in Niger

In Niger, the project builds on agrobiodiversity, agroecology and institutional strengthening of organizations and the development of local market systems and value chains.


The project builds on the former work on agrobiodiversity, agroecology and institutional strengthening of organizations and the development of local market systems and value chains (among others the policy platform Raya Karkara). Further, the project can benefit and build on a range of documented good practices in the seed saving and producing sector in Niger.

In Niger, the project evolves in the bordering provinces to Mali and Burkina Faso. Interventions will focus in the PUSH side on rural communities. For demand and policy activities, regional centers as well as the capital Niamey will be important locations. Through partners, the consortium will be as well active at the West African policy forum.

Key Outcomes

  1. Share of consumers having increased diversity in consumption/frequency of NUS in weakly diet at household level is increased by 12%.
  2. Barriers to access markets for NUS are lowered in four out of six food systems and NUS volume in markets increased.
  3. Share of peasants with access to NUS seeds is increased by 18%.

  1. 10 crops (NUS crops, non‐NUS crops and NUS varieties) are newly cultivated at farm level.
  2. Volume of NUS leaving farm gate is increased by 30%.
  3. Incomes of 3’600 peasants are increased.
  4. Food security of 4’000 peasants is improved.
  5. Climate resilience of 4’000 peasants is improved.

  1. Effectiveness of sub‐national policies and legal frameworks in A+FS for small holder farmers is increased.

Recent News

Visit in Tanzania : knowledge exchange

In March 2022, the Tanzania team brought together CROPS4HD project representatives from Niger and Chad as well as several experts from FiBL and SDC. This visit provided an opportunity to exchange knowledges and learn about the project progress at this stage, with the focus mainly on the implementation of PULL activities, specifically on the first Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA) event in Tanzania. 

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Kickoff visit in Niger

CROPS4HD Niger started its activities in July 2021 with a workshop on 22 September in the presence of the project supervision team. The launch took place in the Dogondoutchi prefecture in the presence of the prefect and the coordination body of technical services.

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CROPS4HD builds climate resilience

In recent times, the effects of climate change become more and more obvious, even in the Global North. However, for smallholder farmers in the southern hemisphere they have been a reality for a while, and they make it even harder for them to secure their nutrition and incomes. The project CROPS4HD promotes neglected and underutilised crops that are more resilient to the impacts of climate change as a strategy for farmers to adapt their production to this new reality.

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