CROPS4HD in Chad

Chad represents a least developed country, with an abundance of biodiverse agricultural products but as well a high incidence of malnutrition and poverty.


Chad represents a least developed country, with an abundance of biodiverse agricultural products but as well a high incidence of malnutrition and poverty. Chad offers the opportunity to complement the SDC program Opérationalisation de la filière semencières by opening access to affordable farmer seeds and linking Formal Seed Systems and Peasant Seed Systems. Further, it will build on and make use of the SDC mandate Soutien au développement des filières karité et arachide au Tchad. The program has developed local, national and international value chains and markets for Shea butter and Peanuts and promotes the integration of neglected and unterutilized species (NUS) into those local and national markets.

In Chad, the project production areas are located in the southern part of the country – i.e. Mayo-Kebby Quest, Mandoul and Logone Oriental – and in the more central canton of Guera.

AFSA will establish links to central African policy and farmers’ movements, and case studies from Chad will serve as examples to advocate for policy changes in this sub-region.

Key Outcomes

  1. Share of consumers having increased diversity in consumption/frequency of NUS in weakly diet at household level is increased by 15%.
  2. Barriers to access markets for NUS are lowered in four out of eight food systems and NUS volume in markets increased.
  3. Share of peasants with access to NUS seeds is increased by 20%.

  1. 10 crops (NUS crops, non‐NUS crops and NUS varieties) are newly cultivated at farm level.
  2. Volume of NUS leaving farm gate is increased by 10%.
  3. Incomes of 1’900 peasants are increased.
  4. Food security of 3’000 peasants is improved.
  5. Climate resilience of 3’000 peasants is improved.

  1. Effectiveness of sub‐national policies and legal frameworks in A+FS for small holder farmers is increased.

Recent News

Creation of synergies in Chad : PMCA Event

During the first half year of 2022 the four CROPS4HD countries have successfully established the launch of their first Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA) event. In Chad, this first event took place on the 18th of June in N’Djamena. This approach aims to bring together farmers, market agents and other service providers to identify and…

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Reinforcement of Peasant Seed Systems dynamics in Chad

The 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of March 2022, was held the Planning and capacity building workshop for farmers’ organizations in advocacy for the promotion of peasant seed systems (PSS) in the Province of Mayo-Kebbi, Chad. This four days’ workshop, launched by AFSA and organized by their local partner PEPAF, reflects CROPS4HD’s desire to make…

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Visit in Tanzania : knowledge exchange

In March 2022, the Tanzania team brought together CROPS4HD project representatives from Niger and Chad as well as several experts from FiBL and SDC. This visit provided an opportunity to exchange knowledges and learn about the project progress at this stage, with the focus mainly on the implementation of PULL activities, specifically on the first…

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