We regularly provide news from the project launched in 2021 in Tanzania, Niger, Chad and India. You can find the latest updates here or on the websites of the consortium members SWISSAID, FiBL and AFSA.

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Strengthen the awareness, availability and practices of NUS in West Bengal, India

During the month of May 2022, several activities to promote NUS took place in India among the farmers as well as the general public. Experimental trials were launched, and various events took place that allowed to raise awareness among the indigenous NUS crops as well as events like the Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA) which support the connections among participants involved in the process of NUS development.

Reinforcement of Peasant Seed Systems dynamics in Chad

The 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of March 2022, was held the Planning and capacity building workshop for farmers’ organizations in advocacy for the promotion of peasant seed systems (PSS) in the Province of Mayo-Kebbi, Chad. This four days’ workshop, launched by AFSA and organized by their local partner PEPAF, reflects CROPS4HD’s desire to make farmers the real actors of influence and transformation of their working and living conditions.

Visit in Tanzania : knowledge exchange

In March 2022, the Tanzania team brought together CROPS4HD project representatives from Niger and Chad as well as several experts from FiBL and SDC. This visit provided an opportunity to exchange knowledges and learn about the project progress at this stage, with the focus mainly on the implementation of PULL activities, specifically on the first Participatory Market Chain Approach (PMCA) event in Tanzania. 

Kickoff visit in India

Partner’s orientation and planning workshop for the CROPS4HD project was held in the first week of August this year. This meeting brought all the project coordination and implementation together to build a shared understanding of the roles, functions, and responsibilities for the inception and main phase.

Kickoff visit in Niger

CROPS4HD Niger started its activities in July 2021 with a workshop on 22 September in the presence of the project supervision team. The launch took place in the Dogondoutchi prefecture in the presence of the prefect and the coordination body of technical services.

Kickoff visit in Chad

In Chad, the introduction phase of the project took place from 2021 September 11 – 17. All CROP4HD consortium members met in Ndjamena, the capital of the country during this period.

Kickoff visit in Tanzania

In Tanzania, the project started in July 2021 with a field visit by the consortium members. The first objective was to get an insight into the reality of Tanzanian farmers’ lives and the important achievements of the SWISSAID programme in Tanzania, in order to define how and in which regions and districts the CROPS4HD project will focus its action.

CROPS4HD builds climate resilience

In recent times, the effects of climate change become more and more obvious, even in the Global North. However, for smallholder farmers in the southern hemisphere they have been a reality for a while, and they make it even harder for them to secure their nutrition and incomes. The project CROPS4HD promotes neglected and underutilised crops that are more resilient to the impacts of climate change as a strategy for farmers to adapt their production to this new reality.

Fonio millet, Lablab bean or Bambara groundnuts: the rediscovered crops

Hunger and malnutrition are still widespread in large parts of Africa and Asia. Hunger and malnutrition are still widespread in large parts of Africa and Asia. Global warming and the loss of soil fertility are further exacerbating the problem. The new SWISSAID project CROPS4HD focuses on local, almost forgotten crops to improve the situation of people in the South.


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