Beneficiairies stories : India

The CROPS4HD project has been running now for almost two years. It is reaching maturity. Many activities have led to important results. NUS promotion led to NUS (re)valorization in the four implementation countries. Indeed, farmer seeds are being promoted in national and international speeches and events, but they are also being promoted among the local population, potential consumers, and producers. NUS-based food products are now more accessible on the markets. And finally, as basis of this availability, farmers have (re)introduced some of these neglected crops into their fields. We went to meet some of these farmers to hear about the successes and challenges they have faced over the past two years.

This third experience sharing (3/4) presents the portrait of three Indian farmers who highlight the organic fertiliser trainings they have had and the impact in terms of improved yields and financial impact.

Discover the stories of:

Monika Biswas, a mother of five who lives in the village of Dankra Dobar (West Bengal)

DRCSC: Development Research Communication and Services Centre (local partner)

Chaitra Channaveeragoudra, a mother of two who lives in Chikkabendigeri village (Karnataka)

Sahaja Samrudha : local partner

Safed Pradhan, a father of one who lives in the village of Baragad (Odisha)